Link table collection

a modular table collection in solid oak

Link bar

Link table collection

Design by Hans Thyge & co.

Link is a flexible and multi-functional table collection designed by Hans Thyge & Co. It’s beautifully crafted and consists of a large series of modules which gives you the freedom to customize and create your meeting table, conference table or working space your way.

The modules are available in many different shapes, sizes and colours and you can also get Link as a bar table.

Link 145×120 + 140×120 + 145×120

"A nice table needs to be both ”invisible” and have interesting details that attracts your attention. The Link table has fine proportions, it’s simple and minimalistic with aesthetics and intelligence features below the surface.”- Hans Thyge

Link 140×120

Link 140×120

Link organic round 

Organic round

Link Organic Round cannot be connected to the other modules, but complements the rest of the table collection in the most beautiful way.

Link bar table


The solid wood slide rails below the table top allows you to easily change the leg position and to extend the table for extra seating space. By adding extra table tops in different sizes and shapes or accessories such as drawers, standing desks or metal trays, you can configure the table to your specific needs and at the same time change the aesthetic appearance of the table.

Link 145×120 + 70×120


The soft curved solid oak edge adds warmth and creates an elegant finish to the linoleum table top.

Hans Thyge & co.

Hans Thyge & Co design studio was founded in 1990 by Hans Thyge Raunkjaer. The studio consists of passionate designers with bold ideas and a love for beautiful design. The studio believes that every design should tell a story of creativity, tradition, vision, culture and values. The studio has received several awards throughout the years in the international design scene. 



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