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Sustainable and acoustic

Scope is a new wooden chair collection and a sustainable choice. Its wooden finishes, let you enjoy nature indoors and bring a warm and cozy feeling into your interior design.

A sustainable choice

A modular table collection in solid wood with silky smooth finish. It’s composed of a large series of modules which gives you the freedom to customize and create your conference table or workstation your way.

Adapts to the shape of its occupant

Dry surprises. The minimalist design of the chair does not immediately bring to mind great seating comfort and comfortable acoustics but that is exactly what you can expect. There is a reason why this chair is one of our bestsellers.

Born of innovation

Grip has a modular construction and can be expanded and linked together with other Grip tables to meet individual needs. Grip is a versatile range of tables for home or office use, canteens and conferences rooms

Sustainable elegance

With Mood, you can design with consideration for the environment. Choose between the many different Mood chairs with EU Ecolabel, and you will help to protect nature and the environment.

folding tables, fix tables and counter

From the Tube, you can expect good quality and thoughtful details. This range of tables includes a large selection of folding tables, fixed tables and folding counter tables, which makes it easy for you to select and design the table that reflects your needs and your decor.

Carefully considered ergonomics

When you take a seat in a Pure chair, you will experience carefully considered ergonomic design and high functionality. The seat and back are made of polyurethane, a material with sound-absorbing effect while giving the chair a silky soft surface.

Green thinking

Furniture design is about considering more than just form and function. When you buy a Tono chair, you help to recycle 250 plastic bottles. With its sound-absorption and comfortable seating, the sustainable felt contributes to a comfortable environment.

Folding table and fix table

Flex is available as a folding table and as a fixed table. Flex is well-known for being a strong, robust and stable table and is the perfect solution in multipurpose areas that serve many people and many different demands.

No superfluous details

The Rail chair is made from FSC-certified wood and has a nice Scandinavian look. With its distinctive expression and ergonomic properties, you get a timeless chair of a distinctive and dynamic design.

unrivalled functionality

Must is for those who value quality and functionality as well as sitting comfortably. With its dynamic design and unsurpassed functionality, the Must chair is the perfect starting point for an efficient, beautiful and slightly more inspiring everyday life.

High comfort

Cirkum is an elegant addition to almost any architectural space from canteens, halls and conference facilities to exclusive meeting rooms that place high demands on aesthetics and user-friendly-ness.

Excellent ergonomic qualities

Sala E was developed with focus on ergonomics. Sala E is ideal for classrooms and meeting rooms where flexibility and seating comfort are important factors.

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