Scope Armchair

design by hans thyge & co

Created with environmental consideration, Scope is a new wooden chair collection designed by Hans Thyge & Co. Its wooden finishes, let you enjoy nature indoors and bring a warm and cozy feeling into your interior design. Scope is characterised by a very specific detail, the stethoscope. With the stethoscope, you can change the expression of the chair and create your own unique design.


H: 80 cm w: 58 L: 43 cm

Seat & back




The stethoscope – a piece of jewelry

With the stethoscope, you can add style and beauty to the chair and to your room. Use this small piece of jewelry to change the chair’s expression – from warm and soft to a more fashionable expression. This fun and interesting detail doesn’t only have a decorative purpose, it also connects the frame and the backrest and holds them in place.

Noise reduction

Scope is designed to reduce noise. The integrated felt pads underneath the seat improve the acoustics and create a more pleasant environment. The felt pads also shield and protect the upholstered seat when the chair is stacked.



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