Mood 4-legs / Mood tube

Design by Hans Thyge & co.

Mood is a versatile chair. It combines tactile surfaces with aesthetics and function in the most beautiful way, and allows you to create the right atmosphere and the right environment for your surroundings.


Mood 4 legs: H: 80 cm w: 51 cm L: 51cm

Mood 4 legs armchair: H: cm w: 57,5 cm L: 51cm

Mood Tube: H: 80 cm w: 52 cm L: 53 cm

Mood tube armchair: H: 80 CM w: 57,5 CM L: 52 CM


EU Ecolabel

18 Mood chairs are certified with the EU Ecolabel. This certificate is your guarantee that every single part, right from seat and frame to glue, fabric, foam and screws have been tested and approved to meet the most stringent environmental requirements.



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