Flex folding table

DESIGN by Ars design

Flex is available as a folding table and as a fixed table. Flex is well-known for being a strong, robust and stable table and is the perfect solution in multipurpose areas that serve many people and many different demands.


H: 73 cm w: 70 cm l: 120 / 140 / 180 cm

H: 73 cm w: 80 cm l: 80 / 120 / 140 / 180 cm

H: 73 cm Ø: 120 cm

H: 73 cm Ø: 130 cM

H: 73 CM w: 120 CM l: 120 CM ​

Table top:

Frame colours:


The folding mechanism works by turning each individual leg with a quick and easy movement, which causes the legs to disappear underneath the table top.

It’s possible to stack up to 10 tables on top of each other. The Flex transport trolley makes moving the tables easy and simple – it’s designed to enable one person to easily move a stack of tables.



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