Hans Thyge & Co

Hans Thyge & Co design studio was founded in 1990 by Hans Thyge Raunkjaer. The studio consists of passionate designers with bold ideas and a love for beautiful design.

The studio believes that every design should tell a story of creativity, tradition, vision, culture and values.

The studio has received several awards throughout the years in the international design scene. 

”Scope is the result of working with the archetype of the chair, creating small stories of contrast and tactile exploration to make an intriguing design appear.”

- Hans Thyge Raunkjær, Designer

Scope chair collection

Created with environmental consideration, Scope is a new wooden chair collection designed by Hans Thyge & Co. Its wooden finishes, let you enjoy nature indoors and bring a warm and cozy feeling into your interior design. Scope is designed to reduce noise: Integrated felt pads underneath the seat improve the acoustics and shield fabric when stacked. 

Choose between 5 different models and adapt Scope to a variety of different spaces.

Link table collection

Link is a flexible and multi-functional table collection designed by Hans Thyge & Co. It’s beautifully crafted and consists of a large series of modules which gives you the freedom to customize and create your meeting table, conference table or working space your way. 

Link has an airy and elegant expression, which is emphasized by the simple leg construction that visually causes the linoleum table top to hover over the slightly sloped legs.

Tono chair collection

Tono is one of the first chairs on the market, which was made of environmental friendly materials. With its sustainable shell in felt, it’s not only better for the environment, it also improves the acoustics. The seat shell is flexible and designed for high comfort. The chair is available in different frames, shells and fabrics in various colours making it an ideal component of most modern interiors.

When you buy one Tono chair, you help to recycle 250 plastic bottles.

Mood chair collection

Mood is our most versatile chair collection and is designed by Hans Thyge & Co. It combines tactile surfaces with aesthetics and function in the most beautiful way, and allows you to create the right atmosphere and the right environment for your surroundings.

The many frames, shells, colours and upholstery combinations makes it possible for you to customize Mood to fit exactly your interior design solution. The beautifully shaped seat plays on subtle references to the human body and offers a perfect combination of ergonomic comfort and support.



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